Versailles. “I’m lying down like I’m sleeping but my eyes are slightly open, as if to say I’m hardly there, just barely able to look back on all I’m singing about and keep going. I love performing these songs live, but I think their greater impact will be in a more intimate place, where a listener who is hurting can be alone with the emotions I am expressing. My hope is that people out there will hear these, connect with them and understand where I have been. If I can in any way help them to ease their pain and feel better about their own lives, I think I’ve achieved my goal of helping people heal through the power of music.”

Versailles- Solo Artist,  brings what some have described as an “intoxicating, dark synth, sexual-based gloomy yet erotic adventure into an orchestra led by Versailles’ brilliant ringleader, Ms. Dianna St. Hilaire, which leaves the listener eager for more.” Versailles is one of the best upcoming artists of the evolution of the future of music. Often referred to as the “Gothic Tori Amos,” Dianna has delved into writing songs that blend Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Lykki Li, Foster The People, and Madonna.

Versailles has attracted international interest via radio, film and live performances. Versailles has toured nationally, playing with artists including Ego Likeness, Voltaire, New Model Army, Chant, and Bella Morte. Versailles was most recently in the indie film “Black Room Doom,” written by notorious psycho Svengali producer Kim Fowley, who has co-written/produced songs for Kiss, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, Helen Reddy, and the first all-female rock band, The Runaways.  Versailles is also featured on the score for upcoming UK production of Rob Hurtt’s “ Weir Inn Estate.”  In 2011 Versailles also charted on Billboard for the song “Fade”off the Broken Dolls CD.

The songs are dark and ominous, yet fun and inviting–Synthpop sounds with distinct melody lines and aggressive orchestrations. Songs encompass a wide variety of subject matter, including love, vampires, war, the human soul, strength, and struggle. Now bringing light into the ashes, and determined through music to guide the lonely and heartbroken out of the abyss.

Versailles was on the ballot for the 55th Grammy Awards for her album “Pages” that you can find on iTunes.  The album pages combines songs from many years of Versailles progression as an artist.  The latest song “Cold” being the 8th track on the album is currently in production for a new music video.  The album can be downloaded on iTunes

For 2013 Versailles released an album with Kim Fowley, yes that’s right, Kim Fowley.  This album is called Targets.

“The “Targets” album by Versailles, covers such topics as Older Women Chasing Younger Men, Spiritual Searches, Outer & Inner Body Remakes, Female Excitement, Human Happiness, The Love Of Dancing, Teen Queen Heartbreak, Drama Queen Mystery, Ugly Guy Revelations, Medical Madness, Video Game Adventures and Dating Heartbreak.

Elements of Pop Music/Bubble Gum/Euro Rock & Pop/Piano School/ Far East Moods/ Tragic Dance Floor/Culture Break Down/Bad Girl Confessions/Ugly Guy Pain/Hospital Breakdowns/Cyber Space Cops and Robbers Chasing & First Love Farewells. what the Mood/Music sounds like.”-Kim Fowley

Versailles aka Dianna St. Hilaire was born in Modesto, CA. She lived throughout the United States in places like Alaska, New York, New Mexico, Mexico, Virginia, Connecticut & The Virgin Islands. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad. She began as Versailles Suicide back in 2001 releasing an album in 2002 called “Fallen Angel” under that name. After 2003 she dropped the Suicide and became known as Versailles. As of now Versailles has released 4 Studio Albums and 4 EP’s. Also a single called “Kiss” in 2003.

Versailles has played various shows on the Sunset Strip including The Rainbow, The Roxy & The Viper Room. She has shared the stage with artists like Voltaire, New Model Army, Modwheelmood, Ego Likeness, Bella Morte, Kim Fowley, Bella Lune, Native Fauna, Programmed For Pleasure, TV, Demonika & The Darklings, Peeling Grey and Hellblinki.

Versailles has been on 4 Cleopatra compilation CD’s including “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” Tribute to the Smiths, Gothic Divas, “A Gothic Acoustic Tribute to NIN”, & A Tribute To She Wants Revenge.

Versailles Discography

2002-Fallen Angel EP- Under the Name Versailles Suicide. (Produced by Mike White)
1. Cemetery Man
2. Little Dead Kitten
3. Fallen Angel
4. Shadow Behind Me

Versailles Suicide CD
Versailles Suicide EP cover

Fallen Angel was Versailles First CD released under the name Versailles Suicide.  Recorded in a friends basement on a small 8 track mixer on the first ever home digital recording methods, using Fruitty Loops and Cool Edit Pro back in 2001.  Features a ribbon mic on the song Little Dead Kitten and car parts hung from chains and hit with metal poles for drums on the song Cemetery Man.  This album was Versailles’ first attempt and writing her own music.  Fallen Angel gained much popularity in the 2000’s in the local Albuquerque club scene.  The song Little Dead Kitten was later released on a Compilation CD.  Although the CD was never released as an actual Production CD it is available for purchase at Versailles shows as a CD-R that is hand printed and handmade by Versailles herself.

2002-Burque Love 4-Compilation CD (Produced by Mike White)
Track 16-Little Dead Kitten

2003-Live Your Life (Produced By Mike White)
1.Cemetery man
2. Fire Ring
3. Whispering WIllow Tree
4. Shadow Behind Me
5. Crystal’s Last Glance
6. Live Your Life
7. Fallen Angel
8. Little Dead Kitten
9. Night
10. These Eyes

Live Your Life-Versailles
Cover of Live Your Life

Versailles released her first full length album in 2003 under the name Live Your Life.  This album reached the far corners of Versailles creativity and ability.  Live Your Life was not only Versailles first album but her first attempt at production as well.  In early 2003 she moved from New Mexico to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute.  While there she completely isolated herself to work on her full length album.  Using some songs she already had produced from Mike White she followed her training and his examples to do the best job possible at doing a home recording.  She released the full length album under Evileye Records and printed 1000 copies for world wide distribution.  The album delves into the depths of her psyche to pull out her deepest darkest memories, longing, sadness and desire.   The album was created with the need to help others deal with their pain and overcome the sad memories we all have of loss.  A realization that their is something grater than the self.  Hope is possible.

2003-Kiss Single (Produced by Dianna St. Hilaire)
1. Kiss
2. Segmented
3. Unhappiness

Kiss CD-Versailles
Kiss CD By Versailles

Kiss is Versailles first single.  Artwork done by Versailles.  Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Versailles.  This album was a spur of the moment creation based out of a curiosity of the creation of electronic music.  Kiss is the main track with 2 b-sides Segmented & Unhappiness.

2005-Believe EP (Produced by Shut Up And Play Studios)
1. Believe
2. Lamentations
3. You’re My Disaster
4. Believe (Electric Dead Tree Mix)

Versailles Believe CD

In 2005 is when it all fell together.  This was Versailles first EP with a full band behind her.  With Rod Arias on Drums and Andy Bettis on Guitar.  The Believe EP was recorded in Los Angeles at “Shut Up And Play” studios by George Kerhulas & Randy Hill.  Additional strings and bass lines were played by George and Randy.  The food was great and the company was fantastic.  The piano parts were played on a small spinet piano.  The CD ends with a remix of Believe.  All sound effects were done on Dianna’s Prophet 600.


2005-A Gothic Acoustic Tribute to NIN (Produced by Shut Up and Play Studios)
Cleopatra Records
Track 1-Something I Can Never Have

Versailles was approached in 2006 to do a cover of NIN.  She of course picked her favorite song “Something I Can Never Have”.  This led up to a 3 song run with her also doing covers of The Smiths and She Want’s Revenge.


2006-Gothic Divas (Produced by Gregory Butler)
Cleopatra Records
Track 1-“What Difference Does It Make”

2006- A Tribute to She Wants Revenge (Produced by Gregory Butler)
Cleopatra Records
Track 6- She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

2007-A Tribute to The Smiths (Produced by Gregory Butler)
Cleopatra Records
Track 10-What Difference Does It Make

2008-Broken Dolls (Produced by Shut Up and Play Studios)
1. Legion
2. Wendy’s Razorblades
3. Fade
4. Once
5. Broken Dolls
6. Believe
7. 10%
8. Pages
9. Run Away
10. Massacre
11. Mars
12. Jane Says
13. Speak To Me
14. You’re My Disaster

Versailles Broken Dolls
Versailles Broken Dolls CD

The year 2008 was amazing.  With her full band Versailles set out on yet another journey to expand on the once created Believe album.  She had been writing intensely for the last 2 years.  She narrowed it down from 25 songs to just 14 for the new album.  This album really got down to her core self and her ongoing struggle with abuse and neglect.   She wrote an album that told a story.  A story of a little girl that could only look up and see darkness.  Perhaps the darkest of them all is Wendy’s Razorblades.  Written about a room mate who struggled with suicide.  “Often many people decide that pain and suffering is worthless and pointless.  But as with everything in life it does serve a purpose in that moment, to teach us to love eachother and come together in our darkest times.   A world without darkness would mean that the light would simply not be special.”  Versailles hopes to cure others in their darkest times with these lyrics and these melodies.  They sooth the soul by simply relating to the person listening who can then move on and heal.

The album was recorded over a 6 month time period at Shut Up & Play Studios.  Photo credit on the album is Morningstar Sargenti.  Mixed and Mastered by George Kerhulas, Randy Hill & Edward Shemansky.  Additional instruments were played by Randy Hill, Edward Shemansky and George Kerhulas.  Additional Vocals were by Lucy Levinson.  Dianna St. Hilaire is main piano & vocal.  The album includes a wurlitzer & leslie.  Versailles was very happy to get a chance to sing out of one of the same mics that John Lennon himself sung out of.  “Studio Bonus”.

2009-Unscene Magazine Compilation
Track 5- Wendy’s Razorblades

2010- Darkest Hours Compilation CD-Songs To Die For
Track 5- Massacre (Live)
Track 11= Wendy’s Razorblades (Live)

2010-Wendy’s Razorblades EP (Produced By Dianna St. Hilaire)

1. Wendy’s Razorblades (Original)
2. With You
3. Masquerade
4. Tear It Apart

Wendy's Razorblades-Versailles
Versailles Wendy’s Razorblades CD

After such a successful album Versailles created the EP Wendy’s Razorblades.  This had 3 new songs and a new version of Wendy’s Razorblades not on the Broken Dolls Album.  This was mixed, mastered & recorded at Evileye Records.  It combines traditional classical piano music with modern electronica.

2011- Sacrifice EP (Produced by Dianna St. Hilaire & Eric Greedy)
1. Sacrifice
2. Game
3. One With Me
4. Take My Life

Versailles Sacrifice CD

After Versailles tour in 2009 with Bella Morte & Ego Likeness she got influenced to do a new album.  This was EP called Sacrifice.  It was Versailles first EBM album.  The songs subject matter is a bit more fun and upbeat.  It speaks of strength and struggle, vampires, lust, love, desire, and sacrifice.  Versailles struggle with darkness was ending.  This album has many other players including, Versailles Drummer at the time Diesel on conga, Stephanie Rose on Bass, Trinity & Shaun Richards on guitar.  All songs were written and produced by Versailles.  Co-produced, Mixed and Mastered by Eric Greedy.  This was Versailles first album to get Distribution with BFM Digital.  Now it is on Orchard.

2012-Pages CD (Produced by Dianna St. Hilaire, Eric Greedy, & Shut Up and Play Studios)
1. Pages
2. With You
3. Game
4. Fade
5. Massacre
6. You’re My Disaster
7. Don’t Walk Away
8. Cold
9. Sacrifice


Pages CD
Versailles- Pages Cd

The Pages CD came out in 2012 and was a compilation of B-sides, Broken Dolls & Sacrifice.  This album included the newest Versailles song “Cold”.  The video was shot in early 2013 in Puerto Rico by Francis Gonzalez.  It was edited by Dianna St. Hilaire @ Evileye Records.  This was Versailles first album ever to be placed in the Grammy Ballot for the 2012 Grammy Awards.   Versailles worked closely at this time with Al Gomez of Big Noise.

2012-Gothy Horror Picture Show-Compilation CD(Produced by Dianna St. Hilaire)
Track 7-Eddie’s Teddy

2013-Targets CD(Produced by Kim Fowley)
1. Toxic Cougar
2. Deep Inside
3. Design Yourself
4. I’m Excited
5. Happy Tear Drops
6. Disappointed
7.Queen Of The Sinister Freaks
8. Don’t Date Ugly Guys
9. Silver Needles, Golden Tears
10. Targets
11. The Long Goodbye

Versailles Dianna St Hilaire
Versailles Targets CD

Targets is Versailles Latest CD released in 2013.  It was produced by Kim Fowley and mixed and mastered at Studio 5109 by Mike Wolf.  The album features many artists including The Fabulous Miss Wendy, Claire Noizee, & Severa Miles.  The album includes songs co-written by Versailles & Kim Fowley for the movie “Black Room Doom” including  “I’m Excited & Don’t Date Ugly Guys”.  This album was written over a period of 2 years in and out of the studio.  Starting with a cheap Casio Keyboard with broken keys in Kim’s house to a full blow production.  It has influences of the The Runaways, Tori Amos, David Bowie and Kate Bush.  Most songs were done in 1 take on vocals and piano.  The song Toxic Cougar has Kim singing background vocals.

You can check out Dianna St. Hilaire’s newest project Oparu at the following link